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What is an Innovation Circle?

An innovation circle is the formation of a group of workers who sit together to investigate, analyze, and find innovative ways of solving the problems in an organization using several problem-solving tools and processes. Therefore, for a significant and productive innovation to occur in your organization, you need visionary thinkers, strategic planners, talented practitioners, and…


The Success Story of PayPal

In the early 90s, sending and receiving money online for payment of goods and services rendered was not easy. Individuals couldn’t imagine how possible it would be to carry out such transactions, even though other financial institutions like banks had ways or carrying out online transactions. But, today, everybody who does business online knows about…

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Innovation In Malaysia

Innovation In Malaysia – In the business world, one of the most important elements an organization needs to possess in order to achieve and maintain success is ‘innovation’ (Kylliainen, 2019). However, not many know how innovation can play such a crucial role for the future of an organization. So, let us get into this one step at a time. Generally, according to Oxford Learner’s Online Dictionary (2020) ‘Innovation’ is “the introduction of new things, ideas or ways of doing something”. However, in the business context, innovation can act as a catalyst that can help a business grow and adapt in the marketplace (4 Important benefits of innovation in business, 2018).

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Why is innovation management important?

Competition is getting tougher by the day. What can set a Company or an Organization apart from its competitors is how they manage their creative resources. More importantly, it depends on how they extract creative nectar from their employees. Innovation management widely deals in helping organizations make the most of their employees. It could vary…

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How to encourage team innovation?

6 in 10 people admit creativity is valuable to their company. Yet, there are many barriers to innovative ideas. From lack of communication to lack of involvement, an employee won’t share their creative resources unless they feel invested in the company. Many organizations demand creativity in the workplace but do not like the risk of…