Innoverce365 support your organisation by training and consulting for innovation management practices and strategies. Our Innovation Capabilities Assessment gives your organisation an edge to be leaders within your industry and amongst global innovators, by analysing and benchmarking your strategic initiatives with the reference from world’s leading innovators.

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ISO56000 | Innovation Standards

ISO 56000 is a standard that covers fundamentals and vocabulary in Innovation, components of Innovation Management Systems, procedures in Innovation Management Assessment, Innovation collaboration, Strategic Intelligence Management, and shared expectations on Intellectual Property Management

Starting in 2019, the ISO published its first two guidance documents, ISO 56003:2019 on Innovation Management – Tools and methods for innovation partnerships; and ISO 56004:2019 on Innovation Management Assessment.

ISO 56000 outlines that innovation capabilities include the ability to understand and respond to changing conditions of its context, to pursue new opportunities, and to leverage the knowledge and creativity of people within the organisation, and in collaboration with external interested parties.


What are your strengths, weaknesses, and capabilities for innovation?

Innovation Assessment

  • Measure readiness for innovation
  • Benchmark against top innovator
  • Identify growth gaps, gain insights into strengths and weaknesses to enable change
  • Quantitative + qualitative (data + in-field work)


Where are you headed, and how do you design your organization to implement strategy?

Innovation System

  • Set Vision, Ambition, and Strategic Direction
  • Define and prioritize strategic initiatives in a 3-horizon portfolio
  • Set requirements on capabilites and competencies
  • Define principles for organizational setup
  • Common language and capability mapping


How do you enable your organization to innovate continuously?

Innovation Process

  • Implement organizational design
  • Governance, process and change management
  • Innovation tools (ideation360)
  • Board and Task force coaching
  • Hypothesis-based approach
  • Data-driven, learning-based decision making
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