Innoverce365™ is accredited (as licensed practitioners) with Innovation360 Group which is an organisation that has developed the methodology, tool, and database used to assess, analyse and improve innovation capabilities in organisations or companies.

We assist your organisation to stay relevant in the years to come by providing innovation capabilities assessment. This assessment helps you to develop your own innovation capabilities in your organisation.

We guide your organisation to improve management practice of innovation and strategy so that you can build your own innovation capability and sustain the efforts for increasing growth and profits.

Our 360 analysis is a holistic, evidence-based approach to innovation management, transformation and team alignment for sustainable growth and profits. We aim to transform your innovation capabilities to commercial realization.

By collaborating with your organisation, we identify strengths and weaknesses in order to explore common innovation grounds in research and deep dive into strategy, process, governance and metrics for innovation.

Using the world’s leading and largest Innovation database with 5,000+ global companies in 100 countries, we analyse and benchmark your strategic initiatives with the reference from the world’s leading innovators, giving you an edge to be leaders within your industry and amongst global innovators.

Our services include Innovation Assessments, followed by Innovation Strategy and Innovation Process Management that are equipped with proven tools for benchmarking, capability mapping, competencies development, governance, process and change management.

Innovation360 Licensed Practitioners

Accredited with Innovation360 Group AB, Our Licensed Practitioners are able to measure and assess organisation’s strengths and weaknesses, capabilities, culture, and leadership to streamline strategy, process and governance in organizing innovation towards sustainable growth and profit.


To become an innovative organisation that inspires and brings opportunity for others through effective innovation training course and consulting services.


To assist other organisations in developing their innovation capabilities and reach the full potential for sustainable growth and development.

Dr. Satnam Singh, MAICD

Dr. Satnam is an experienced and motivated Group Managing Director of MBizM Sdn. Bhd. with expertise in business transformation, sales and revenue enhancement, governance, marketing and social selling. He finessed his ability to identify and resolve complex issues through meticulous attention to detail and a strong sense of innovation. He has lead innovation to increase efficiencies through cost reductions, productivity, revenue generation and improvements, through focused strategy, policy development and implementation. He demonstrated a strong sense of innovation, confident leadership, and meticulous attention to detail, superior emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills and cross-cultural communications. He has executed many business transformation projects for multi-million dollar clients whilst liaising directly with CEOs and Board Directors as an external consultant while collaborating with multiple stakeholders to develop and implement business transformations.

Innovation 360 Licensed Practitioner

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Engineering & Manufacturing Management, Coventry University, UK,

Dr. Muraliraj Jagantheran

Dr. Muraliraj has over 10 years of varied working experience in multiple senior executive roles spanning across shipping, oil and gas, engineering service providers, Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing. As Chief Operating Officer of MBizM Group, he is engaged with various renowned organisations from both public and private sectors inclusive of manufacturing and services such as consulting, training and coaching in business transformation and business process improvement endeavours. He works with organisations to build a viable capability which is strategically centred on the notion of adapting to change from the perspective of people, process and innovation.

Innovation 360 Licensed Practitioner

PhD in Operations and Quality Management, University Malaya, Malaysia