News organization trends for 2020

Organization trends to expect in 2020

Trends come and go. With the start of 2020, like clockwork, it’s time to adopt some new trends once again. Industries are changing with the changing workplace demographics. The Gen X generation and beyond is expected to amount to 36% of the workforce this year (The 2020 workplace theory). This fact alone promises plenty of…

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News why is innovation management important

Why is innovation management important?

Competition is getting tougher by the day. What can set a Company or an Organization apart from its competitors is how they manage their creative resources. More importantly, it depends on how they extract creative nectar from their employees. Innovation management widely deals in helping organizations make the most of their employees. It could vary…

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News encouraging team innovation

How to encourage team innovation?

6 in 10 people admit creativity is valuable to their company. Yet, there are many barriers to innovative ideas. From lack of communication to lack of involvement, an employee won’t share their creative resources unless they feel invested in the company. Many organizations demand creativity in the workplace but do not like the risk of…

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News using 5G in everyday life

5G Ecosystem Development Grant To Encourage Technological Innovation

KUALA LUMPUR: The government will introduce a RM5 billion grant for ecosystem development to promote technological innovation in the country as 5G presents an unprecedented challenge to rethink to achieve aggressive performance goals. Strong industry partners including several innovation consulting services are involved at all stages of development, from initial research to the development of…

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News visual innovation

Types Of Innovation Strategies

For most people, innovations are small improvements or additions to existing products, processes and services. For others, innovations may be revolutionary technological inventions or business models that change the industry. To learn about these innovation types and to know a lot more about the subject of innovation, you could take up innovation courses either online…

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News discussing an idea

50% Idea 50% Insight

Before we go into details, let’s quickly make an important distinction between an insight and an idea. An insight can be the first step on the way to an idea. However, an insight isn’t an idea. An idea is what you do with the insight. Of course, it is possible to have an insight without…

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News shaking hands

Why Elevator Pitch Still Works?

The elevator pitch is one of the most important tools in the early stages of startup development. Designed as a short and easy-to-remember way to describe your business concept, if you don’t have time to explain the details (like taking an elevator), there are various signs of efficiency, but there are many wrong ways. This…

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