We provide a full Innovation Assessment with Recommendations (IAR) Report that will reflect key insights on your organisation’s Aspirations and Ability for Innovation to deliver on existing strategic initiatives geared towards the strategy and vision.

Using the world’s leading and largest Innovation database with 1,000+ global companies in 62 countries, we analyse and benchmark your strategic initiatives with the reference from the world’s leading innovators, giving you an edge to be leaders within your industry and amongst global innovators.

Our service includes Innovation Assessments, Innovation Strategy and Innovation Process Management that are equipped with proven tools for benchmarking, capability mapping, competencies development, and governance, process and change management.

Innovation Analysis and Recommendation (IAR)

Source: Innovation360

We utilise the Innovation Analysis & Recommendation (IAR) to identify the opportunities for improvement of an organisations’ innovation practice, by providing tangible recommendations on how to sharpen your innovation strategy, leadership, culture, and innovation capabilities.

The IAR is a methodology created by Innovation360 Group based on research with more than 1000+ global companies in 62 countries since a decade ago. The IAR function is to coordinate your strategy with existing innovation capabilities and tangible key data that can be used to model or remodel your organisation, overall strategy and related change or transformation projects for better business results and competitive advantages.

The opportunities generated from the IAR are then analysed and discussed with the people from the organisation, resulting in a list of key recommended actions to improve the effectiveness of your innovation management practice. The recommendations you receive are based on the largest innovation database in the world combined with cutting edge AI algorithms to assist decision-making and pattern recognition.

The IAR process typically takes up to 8 to 12 weeks, except for re-assessments (refer table below).

Source: Innovation360

How we work

InnoSurvey® is a tool that is used to identify and assess 66 individual innovation capabilities to help you gain a visual of your strategy and the benchmark results. In addition, the survey also recommends operational and tactical metrics to help the execution of your innovation projects. The results then will be shown to you on the “Wheel of Innovation” in a ‘spider-diagram’ format. The alignment between Strategy, Leadership, Culture, Capabilities and Competencies are explored and highlighted.

The ‘Wheel of Innovation’ is a visual representation to benchmark and strategize the management of an organisation based on output from the innovation assessment. Fundamentally, there are 66 core capabilities which integrate towards stimulating innovative abilities within an organisation, which in turn classified into 16 aspects derived from the five pillars of innovation practice.

The Wheel of Innovation tells you whether the direction you are taking involves internal innovation or external innovation. The wheel is divided into four quadrants that develop different innovation capabilities and strategies; Market Innovation (top-left), Offer Innovation (top-right), Organisational Innovation (bottom-left), and Sales Innovation (bottom-right).

Developing an innovation strategy takes place after understanding the capability, leadership, and culture of the organisation. An Innovation Board is established to link the corporate strategy of your organisation with innovation work, allocate resources, and managing innovation portfolio.

Then, the Innovation Task Force is gathered to form, collect and group ideas in which these ideas will be experimented and hypothesized. From the refined hypothesis, the Innovation Board will decide which path leads your innovation projects to be developed.

Developing and commercializing ideas will be executed by Project and Portfolio Managers. They are a team that possesses the right innovation capabilities from the assessment and analysis conducted in the assessment phase.

The Innovation360 – Innovation Management System, as shown in the illustration below, is our general framework for best practice.

Source: Innovation360

IAR and the next stages

Upon completion of the IAR we will assist organizations to develop an initial innovation strategy. We will then provide consultancy on designing and establishing a governance model up to the point of implementing Ideation360.

Source: Innovation360