Ideation360 - Innovation Ideas Management

Making use of the world’s leading and largest Innovation database with 1,000+ organizations in 62 countries, Innoverce365™ perform a correlation analysis and benchmark to outline the analysis, identify the gaps, and align clients’ strategy with strategic the initiatives. Benchmarking will be provided against the reference industry in the world’s leading innovators. Our benchmark includes:

  • AI-powered ideation platform
  • Hackathon
  • Ideation narrative
  • Open innovation

Everything we do starts with ideation and selection, getting this part right is crucial for success.

Ideation360 Platform - How it works

Ideation360 Platform – details and functionality

  • SaaS based web plattform (no implementation needed)
  • Support for the full innovation process
  • App available for iOS & Android
  • For internal and/or external innovation
  • Encrypted storage in trusted data centers
  • Local storage available upon request
  • Unlimited number of users, ideas and campaigns
  • Onboarding Programs and Customer support
  • White label solution with own branding & url
  • iFrame for collection of ideas at any website
    (intranet, blog, website etc)

It is very easy to submit ideas

Ideation360 was built focusing on user experience, and it is therefore simple and easy to leave ideas with a few clicks.

Creativity can come to us at any time. Therefore it is easy to leave ideas wherever you are whatever you are doing. As simple as sending a text or posting on Instagram

The design and tone of voice was designed to make you want to use it when you are on the go or have some time to spare.

Collect ideas anywhere on the web

Ideation360 has an iframe functionality which allows you to add a window in any website to collect ideas with only a few clicks.

It could be the companies own website, an intranet, a newsletter or user community. All you need to do is add 3 lines of codes, it takes about 3 seconds.

All ideas that come in through the iframe are gathered with the rest of the internal ideas on the plattform.

The possibility to create organizations

In ideation360 you can split up your organisation in sub-organisations based on team, projects, subsidiaries or any other structure that makes sense to you.

By doing this you get a holistic view of how the organisation is doing, while at the same time enabled to spot and analyze differences.

At the same time every part can work with their own campaigns and ideas since not everyone should have full transparency all the time.

Turn ideas into real value

Collecting ideas is only the first step of the process, the challenge is often to cluster ideas and select which ones you want to keep exploring.

Ideation360 was built based on learnings from the world’s largest innovation database with data on innovation capabilities from over 100 companies in 62 countries.

We promise that we will be able to turn your ideas into real value and build a successful innovation portfolio for the short and long term.

Give automatic feedback on ideas

Everyone who works with innovation in organizations know how time consuming it can be to manually follow up on many ideas. It takes a lot of times and is difficult to track.

It doesn’t scale since the speed of iteration needed today requires you to be fast to keep up with changes in the world.

In ideation360 we have built a very smart notification system (similar to the one used on social platforms such as Facebook). Where you quickly and easily can follow up on large volumes of ideas with only a few clicks. The ideator is also kept in the loop of what happens with the idea as it goes through testing. This fosters a fantastic innovation culture.

A global secure platform with global customers

Ideation360 have many global customers and we understand the importance of being able to bring together a global organization regardless of how many countries you operate in or how many offices you have.

We have multi-language support if local customization is needed. It is also possible to adjust the graphical design to match the color and logotype of the company.

Innovation is a long term investment

Innovation is not a ”one time”-event. We see it as something you need to work with continuously to build long-term stability and secure future growth / profit.

We want to build up your internal competencies so that you can continue to work with innovation and ideation many years ahead.

We hope that Ideation360 gets the honor to be your platform of choice to facilitate this ongoing process so you can store ideas and leanings in a smart way, and at the same time build IP and an Innovation Portfolio in horizon 1, 2 and 3.