Scenario Planning & Strategy Development

Scenario Planning & Strategy Development is investigation of occurrences that may transpire in the future and what it means for the environment of a business. It improves strategic thinking and helps identify specific elements of uncertainties that may impact the dynamics of an Organization. It also promotes better innovation management. The end results of a scenario planning process is a more robust product and innovation portfolio adopted to face an uncertain future.

Gaining capabilities for scenario planning can ensure clients to obtain better opportunities in facing unknown challenges in the future

Presented By: Johan Persson

Director of Innovation360


Scenario development expert, entrepreneur, innovation consultant with 15+ years of experience from business development, innovation strategy & management, technology scouting, investments, & financing of early stage technology.

Purpose Of Scenario Planning

  • Strategy Development
  • Policy Development
  • Innovation Strategy Development
  • Product & Process Roadmapping

External Outlook

Find strategic initiatives from analysis of the certain and the uncertain


Scenario Planning & Strategy Development Process Overview

SCENARIO PLANNING process overview

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