Rapid Ideation Campaign with AI-powered ideation platform

We are offering a 4-week rapid ideation online campaign tailored for businesses to find feasible solutions to any problem. We will be using our AI-powered ideation platform; a custom webpage designed to spur engagement with your ecosystem of employees, customers, and suppliers. By using the most sophisticated methods, we will turn any ideas into viable innovation.

How Does Our Online Rapid Ideation Campaign work?

Rapid Ideation Campaign

  • Appoint a C-level Sponsor.
  • Identify one real problem you want to solve.
  • Identify business units/teams and recruit a diverse group of people to engage.
  • We will set up a communication plan on how to drive online engagement.
  • We will design a fully customized web landing page.
  • Launch an online ideation campaign with the best practice for ideation process.

Result in 4 weeks: 3-5 vetted big ideas that can solve your problems.

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Price: RM40,000

Offer valid until

30th April 2020