Innovation Management Online Masterclasses

Develop and sustain learning among your remotely-working employees by utilizing online platform while abiding to quarantine, restrictions and MCO during these turbulent times.

What we can offer you

A 5 Session interactive online series where we deliver seminars, exercises , data, insights & share non-disclosed innovation management secrets.
  • Each session includes: 60 minutes of presentation, followed by 30 minutes of Q&A session and interaction.
  • Limited to 100 participants per company.

Presented By: Magnus Penker

CEO of Innovation360

World Leading Innovation Management Expert

“Learn the key skills today to master tomorrow’s technology”

Innovation Management Online Course Outline

Innovation Management Online Master Classes

Session 1: Disruption

The changing Market. How to understand it & take control of your own destiny.


Session 2 : The Sweet Spot Protocol

Defining your sweet spot to deliver your strengths.


Session 3 : Opportunity Spotting

Design ideation process to identify, test & determine the right project from fuzzy to development phase


Session 4 : Speed

Accelerate 20-30% of your process which can free up working capital , build capabilities & increase probability or right-decision making through smarter process which reduce uncertainties. .


Session 5 : Success

How to establish efficient feedback loops across processes to ensure commercial success.

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Price: RM65,000

(For up to 100 participants per company)

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30th April 2020