Customer Experience Management (CXM) Design & Innovation Masterclass

Customer Experience Management is the practice of designing & reacting to customer interactions to meet or exceed customer expectations & thus increase customer satisfaction, loyalty & advocacy


Gain deep understanding of the concepts of Customer Experience to ensure your Customer Experience program is successful.
  • Learn Innovation Management framework designed for CX
  • Learn end-to-end Customer Experience Management (CXM)
  • Learn to design your Customer Experience Journey Mapping
  • Build a strong customer-centric culture in The Customer’s Age
  • Know success factors of innovation management framework to lead customer experience
  • Voice of Customer: Design, collect, integrate, and present customer inputs to maximize business value

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the overlaying emotion on current customer journey map
  • Understand how to deliver beyond customers’ expectation through innovation management with focus on the outcomes
  • Understand Brand (Purpose, Essence & Promise), its interconnection with CX, & its importance in influencing culture change among front-liners
  • Understand the importance of CX – What disruption really is about & how it affects an organization
  • Understand & create current customer journey map
  • Know how to put the design/plan in action


This is a practical workshop with many hands-on activities to allow participants to experience what they learn first.
  • Lecture, role play, games, group discussion, lecture, design & innovation

Who Should Attend

  • Management
  • Team Leaders
  • Senior Managers
  • Assistant Manager
  • Marketing Department
  • Corporate Communication
  • Data Analyst
  • Sales Team
  • R&D

CX & Innovation Experts


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Engineering & Manufacturing Management, Dr. Satnam is an experienced and motivated Group Managing Director with expertise in business transformation, sales & revenue enhancement, governance, marketing & social selling.


PhD in Operations & Quality Management, Dr. Muraliraj has over 10 years of varied working experience in multiple senior executive roles spanning across shipping, oil and gas, engineering service providers, Information Technology & Business Process Outsourcing.


A. Santhakumaran is a Customer Experience (CX) thought leader, keynote speaker, leaford training events in South East Asia with over 2 decades of corporate experience in multiple domains such as property development, telecommunication, international trade exhibition, customer loyalty engagement with local & global organizations.

CXM Design & Innovation Masterclass Outline

Introduction to Customer Experience (CX) Management

  • Brief history of Customer Experience (CX) Management
  • Customer Experience Management (CXM) Framework
  • The Six Disciplines of Customer Experience Management


Module 1 – Defining CX-Strategy

  • Customer Experience Strategy: Development of a strategy that articulates a clear vision of the experience to support company’s brand values, including its direct linkage to CX activities, resources & investments.
  • Customer Journey Infinite Loop Design – The CX Framework


Module 2 – Customer’s Horizons

  • Way of thinking, applying designers’ sensibility & methods, leading to transformation, innovation of new products, services, business strategies & even new organizations.


Module 3 – Innovation Management Framework

  • Type of innovation
  • Innovation direction
  • Innovation Strategy
  • Leadership styles
  • Innovation Capabilities
  • Voice of Customer (VOC)


Module 4 – Governance

  • Proactively manage and oversee customer experience improvement initiatives.
  • Define your goals and document them
  • The C-Suite involvement in CX Governance
  • Establishing Innovation governance board & innovation task force


Module 5 – Culture

  • Sustaining a customer-centric culture with unique customer experience proposition.
  • Define the CX you want to provide
  • Embed you CX expectation into company’s philosophy
  • Make your company values customer- oriented & actionable
  • Use Ideation platform to reinforce your efforts

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Duration: 2 Days