Innovation with Design Thinking (6 Days)

Design Thinking is a collaborative problem-solving approach,diving deep into the world of Design Thinking, equippingparticipants with the knowledge and skills needed to tacklecomplex challenges through a user-centered approach. Theprogram covers the entire Design Thinking process, fromunderstanding the core principles to practically applyingthem in real-world scenarios using EDIPT methodology.Participants will embark on a journey that includes projectselection, user empathy, problem definition, ideation,prototyping, testing, and project closure, ensuring theyemerge with a holistic understanding of Design Thinking andits practical applications.

All participants who successfully participate in our 6-dayDesign Thinking Training and pass our internal DesignThinking Training will be awarded with a Design ThinkingInnovator certification.

Innovation with Design Thinking (6 Days)


  • Establish a strong understanding of the core principles and methodologies of Design Thinking and its organizational impact
  • Facilitate the formation of effective project teams and the creation of conducive ideation spaces.
  • Hone the ability to define complex problems systematically and articulate clear problem and goal statements
  • Foster creativity, innovation, and effective solution evaluation techniques for addressing diverse challenges

Internal Design Thinking Examination

(Internally Certified)

Exam Type :  Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
No. of Questions :  35 Questions
Examination :  Open Book Examination
Passing Rate :  70% and above
Duration of Exam :  1 Hour
Location of Exam :  At client’s site

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Duration: 6 Days

Time: 8.30am – 5.30pm